Company History

Nutrecycle, LLC was organized originally as Livestock Services in March of 1990. The principle products marketed were nutritional products direct to hog producers and selling of byproducts in the nursery pig feed manufacturing industry. Later, the company expanded its marketing operations into the beef industry and more byproducts.

On-farm research was initiated to perfect the nutritional products. Increasingly more byproducts were being sold to livestock producers as an alternative to corn and soybean meal. It was found that byproducts, when used correctly, could outperform the standard corn/soy products while decreasing the costs of the ration, improving performance and netting more dollars for the producer.

With the integration of the pork industry, byproducts became the central focus of Livestock Services. Some business was still directed to producers, but the bulk of the feed business went to feed manufacturers. With corn at $1.80/bushel and soybean meal at $160/ton, other byproducts/materials were researched for marketing or recycling. As a result of these investigations, Livestock Services became Nutrecycle, LLC to more clearly define the diversity of the marketing and recycling business. Presently, Nutrecycle markets/recycles steel from the depackaging of aerosol cans and the resulting vegetable oil. Marketing the aerosol steel, has led to marketing tire wire and rubber from the tire shredding industry.

Additionally, Nutrecycle provides inputs, vegetable oils, animal fats and methanol to biodiesel and related industries. Most of the biodiesel plant materials are off spec materials used by the biodiesel or related chemical industries, including wet methanols, off spec biodiesels/start up material problems, and off spec materials generated from the manufacture of biodiesel related plants.

Recently, Nutrecycle has again expanded their products and services. Partnering with a group in India, which works directly with growers, Nutrecycle can now import bananas from India and export to Europe and northern Africa.

Nutrecycle is poised for the next level of customerís needs, with expertise to solve problems or find another company that may help. With an exporting company to help market/recycle products overseas and import materials to market in the USA, Nutrecycle has contracted with many major manufacturers and small businesses to market/recycle their materials in a cost appreciative manner. Whether itís short-term solutions or long term contractual marketing or recycling agreements, Nutrecycle solves problems.

Nutrecycle LLC, Tipton, IA